nbdv – nella bocca del vulcano

the neapolitans bring out the art from the sun.
they don’t chase it, nor seek it, nor find it: it is a detail that shines suddenly, that comes out of a shadow trivial, between the folds of the sun.

the art spreads under the guard of vesuvius, that conceals the magma underneath quiet green robes and scented broom.
as the vesuvius curves, the muse wears all neapolitan forms, and takes the colors of the one god in whom the rebellious people of naples recognize itself: the sun.
“nella bocca del vulcano” was born the art of the neapolitan, its colors, its sounds and its expressions.

from the time when the art was handed down word for word, traveling fast on the mouths of the singers, among the whispers of children hidden in the shadows, between the lines of who invented the poems of heroes and singing mermaids, the campania region breathes and pulsates of art alive, made of fire, air, earth and water. naples pours its elements in a mixture seemingly out of time, chaotic and messy: but the watchful eye of the artist knows that it is in pure chaos that stars are born.
the noise of people in the streets produces melodies and new sounds; the noise of different colors, opposites and contrasting forms give birth to new combinations; hidden streets and dark rings give echo to ancient theaters and important voices of characters such as totò, who from below rose up strong, over the city, to become its symbol, its honor.
from partenope, the siren who came to die on the coast of naples, ulysses, enea and other ancient people who come from magic and myth, to leopardi, whose last verses were devoted to the flowers of the dormant volcano, and cervantes, montesquieu, kraus, who from europe have heard the call of the sea and the sun: naples is the only city in the world having many faces and identities, and in which history is written in the footsteps of different and distant people.
naples is the city from which you flee, and to which, however, you always come back.

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